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Is nickel price rising and falling down for a little rest or ready to fly?
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  Smm8, June 6: in the morning trading today, Shanghai nickel fell slightly from last night's high. As of 10:10 a.m., Shanghai nickel's main contract 2010 reported 114110 yuan / ton, up 2.3%. Yesterday night, Shanghai nickel soared vigorously, once rising to 117220 yuan / ton, the highest since November 2019. In terms of the term price of stainless steel, it was still red today. As of 10:10 a.m., the main contract of stainless steel ss2010 was 14550 yuan / ton, up 1.6%. In recent years, funds have pushed up major metals, and nickel, as a risk variety, has also been significantly boosted. In addition, the domestic economic situation has also created a relatively stable environment. Due to the slowdown in import pace, the market atmosphere of pure nickel, which shows the accumulation trend in the early stage, has improved in this week, and the warehouse receipt volume is still sufficient, but the Russian nickel spot has turned tight, and the cash discount range may be further narrowed The short-term fundamental performance of pig iron and its only downstream stainless steel was fair. The price of stainless steel rose steadily, and the profit of steel mills improved slightly, which also boosted the negotiation focus of nickel pig iron and imported nickel ore. After the nickel price was pushed to a high level, the fundamentals were barely driven by the rise. However, the macro situation was complex. Although the data related to economic recovery were mixed, the progress of vaccine research in the United States yesterday boosted the market mentality. In addition, the loose stimulus policy devalued the US dollar and increased the prices of commodities priced in US dollars. Overall, nickel prices were still in a strong market, but the market was wide and volatile The characteristics will remain. Shanghai nickel is expected to reach 112000-117000 yuan / ton and lunni 14200-14600 yuan / ton this week.